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It is what it is!



I’m not completely comfortable posting this “before” picture. But, as the title of this post says, “it is what it is”! Here I am, at my all time heaviest. A whopping 262 pounds. This photo was taken in January 2011. I had to swipe it from the Facebook page of someone who took the photo because I simply did not have a photo of myself (at least not a full body shot). I was always the one behind the camera, and I liked it that way. I remember feeling horrified when I realized that this photo of me had been tagged on Facebook. I was embarassed that I had allowed myself to become so out of control and everyone I knew was going to see it. Now, I find that sort of thinking silly because people can “see” me. They know what I look like and how big I am. What difference is it going to make if a photo of me weighing 262 pounds is floating around on Facebook. For Pete’s sake, I was 262 pounds. Who was I kidding? I guess I was giving my black, size tent, clothing more credit than they were due.

Here’s a side by side Before and Now. I’m not going to use the word “after” because to me, “after” means “at the close of” or “finality” and I am never going to be finished. I have the responsibility of being as healthy as I possibly can be for the rest of my life. Plus, I have some seriously jiggly arms and a wiggly hiney to work on. More on that soon!