Resveratrol: Healer



Black Grapes?! I’ve never eaten them before yesterday, and honestly, I don’t remember ever seeing them before yesterday. I’ll admit that I plucked one from the bunch and tasted it before I purchased. They are delicious! They pack a little more punch than their purple sisters. I was excited about that because they have more Resveratrol than the purple grapes I have been eating. In the future, I’ll definitely choose black over purple when available.

I’ve been reading this book. The author, along with other resources, made me realize how important dark skinned fruits and vegetables are to our health and wellness. I highly recommend grabbing a copy for yourself.

Go grab a handful of grapes. Here’s 5 good reasons why:

1. They are delicious!

2. They are packed with Resveratrol.

3. They have been linked to lowering LDL Cholesterol and preventing clogged arteries.

4. They have the potential to stop the spread of cancer cells and aid in the prevention of a whole host of other health problems due to their Quercertin content.

5. Your kids will love them too!


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